Adulthood 101

I’ve officially been an “adult” for about a year now (you know, big girl job, college degree), and I’ve decided that every university should be required to teach a class called “Adulthood 101.” I learned a lot of great stuff in college, but apparently, I did not learn everything. Here is what my first year as an “adult” has taught me:

Start Saving Money Now

Sure, I knew that being on my own would be expensive, but I never understood what living paycheck-to-paycheck meant. Between rent, student loans, medical bills, and groceries, there are plenty of weeks where I only have $5-$10 left in my checking account. Any extra cash I get, I put into my savings because you never know when you might need it.¬†Which leads me to my next point…

You Need To Budget

I sit down at the beginning of every month with a spreadsheet and budget my spending for the entire month. I have a name and place for every single dollar that comes in or goes out of my bank account. This allows me to already know whether or not I’m going to have money to go out with my bestie for Mexican and Margaritas instead of having to cancel at the last minute. Here’s a tip- use cash. If I have $30 to spend on gas each week, I take the money out so that I know when I’m getting close to my limit.

Sleep Is Your Friend

Between working a full time job, working out twice a day, coaching at the gym, and grad school, I’m exhausted by the end of the day. Guys- it’s okay to get in bed at 9:00! I was in bed at 8:30 the past two nights. Trust me, sleep is your friend. You need it to adequately function at work, in the gym, and in school.

You Don’t Have To Have Your Shit Together

Seriously, I’m realizing this more and more each day. I guess I thought that the second I graduated from Clemson, everything would just fall into place. Guess what- that’s not how the world works. Not everyone has their shit together, and to be honest those that appear to are probably just good at faking it. Embrace the messiness of life, and know that you are not alone!

Get Rid Of Toxic People

I’m one of those people who is friends with EVERYONE. I hardly ever meet someone I don’t like, and while this sounds like a good thing, it means that I have relationships with people who are toxic. I’m not a quitter and I don’t like to give up on people, but I have learned that sometimes you have to walk away. You cannot continue to let negative people bring you down.

Make Yourself A Priority

This is something I struggle with. It seriously churns my stomach to think about disregarding what someone else wants in order to value myself. But listen, if you don’t put yourself first sometimes, you are going to be miserable. You will find that you are bending over backwards for everyone, and sacrificing the things that make you truly happy. So here is permission to be selfish sometimes!

Have Fun

I understand that life as an adult is significantly busier than life as a college student, but make sure you are having fun. Sure, adulthood is expensive and stressful, but you’re also still at a great point in your life where you can go out and do fun things.

Who knew there was still so much to learn after being in school for 16 years?! I’m excited to see what this next year teaches me (maybe it’ll teach me how to make $1 million)