10 Insanely Affordable Christmas Presents

So it’s Christmas, and you’re broke (If you’re like me, you’re broke 365 days a year), but you still have a ton of people to buy presents for. Friends, family, boyfriends, your boss (because you’re trying to charm your way into a raise)- you’ve got a long list and a tight budget.

You’re in luck! Since I’m just as broke as you, I’ve had to be extra creative this Christmas with gift ideas. I’ve found 10 gifts that even a recent college grad can afford. Here it goes:

1. A FREE, yes I said FREE, printable!free-printable-wall-art-throw-kindness-around-like-confetti-2-400x514.png

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti Printable

Thankfully there are wonderfully creative people on the Internet that love to share their work. Head over to Pinterest or Google and search for “free printables.” You’ll be amazed at what you find! Slide a piece of photo paper or cardstock into your printer and print away! Next, head over to Dollar Tree and pick up a frame for $1.00, and BOOM! a $1.00 Christmas present.

2. ReinBEER


This is one of my favorites- I made these last year for my sister’s husband, and he loved them! Grab the person’s favorite 6 pack, brown pipe cleaners, a red puff for the nose, some googly eyes, and a hot glue gun and get to work!

3. Workout Clothes


The Chief Tank

Everyone will be flocking to the gym in January, and Stay Swole Apparel has great t-shirt and tank top designs for the gym. Not only are they affordable, but they are a local (well, local to me) company!

Spoiler alert: they have a unicorn tank!

4. Magazine Subscriptions


Cosmo Subscription

This is such a cheap way to give a gift that lasts all year! What girls doesn’t want a Cosmo every month? And we all know guys love seeing their favorite player on the cover of ESPN. The best part- a subscription is a thousand times cheaper than buying the magazine in the store every month.

5. Personalized Bottles of Wine


Check These Out!

I know, that sounds expensive, but it really isn’t! There are plenty of websites that allow you to design your own label to be put onto their bottles of wine. While you’re at the Dollar Store getting that frame for your printable, grab a pair of wine glasses, and you have a nice gift to win your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents over with for around $20.

6. A Foam Roller


I Love This Purple One!

For all of you that aren’t crazy gym addicts, you might be wondering what in the world?! But for those of you who do know what I’m talking about, you know the importance of stretching and taking care of your body in order to perform at an optimum level in the gym. Make sure your gym buddies are taking care of themselves too! These are a great mobility tool that can be taken and used anywhere. Next time you’re at Wal-Mart pick one up for for $10-$15!


7. Gun Ammo


Okay, so maybe I have a little redneck in me, but I can promise you, any gun-lover always appreciates ammo. If you want to make this gift a little more exciting- many counties own public ranges where you can shoot for free (well, at least they do down here in the south). So girls- you now have a gift for your boyfriend, and a date to go on!

If you don’t know what kind of gun they have, cleaning supplies is always a good idea too!

8. Wall Hanging Bottle Opener


I absolutely love this, and what makes me love it even more is that fact that it’s only $8.22 at Walmart! You could buy one for every guy in your life, and I can guarantee you that they will love it!

9. A Fun Tote


I’m Seriously Loving This One

Guys- girls can never have enough totes! This is a fun way for college girls to carry their books to class. Help them ditch the old, boring bookbag, and give them something sassy to show off! Etsy has a ton of cute designs!

10. DIY Picture Display


Check Out How Easy It Is!

I’m you’re typical girl when it comes to loving reclaimed wood projects, and this one is so simple! Despite what you might think, reclaimed wood is really easy to find these days. Many antique shops have started carrying pallets and pieces of wood. Also, I bet if you Google, you can find a salvage yard somewhere in your area. This is a cheap, and personal present to give!

I hope this helps you and your bank account out a little bit!

Merry Christmas!


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