Who Signed Me Up For This?

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions- mainly because the only thing I can commit to doing for a year is working out, and, well, I’m already in a fully committed relationship with the gym. So my non-resolution for this coming year is to blog. Not because my life is super interesting and I think everyone wants to hear all about it (seriously, eat, gym, sleep- pretty basic), but I’m blogging because I know I’m not the only twentysomething who woke up one day with a diploma and adult responsibilities wondering “who signed me up for this?”

Education is great- seriously, I love school; I plan on being in school for the next 100 years- but nowhere in high school or college did I learn how to fill out a tax form or how to balance a full time job, grad school, working out, and coaching on top of life in general. I’ll be the first to admit that I have struggled through adulthood over the past year. I’ve cried at work, forgotten doctor’s appointments, and locked my keys in my car. Adulthood does not look good on me, but nonetheless, here I am, having to learn how to “adult.”

I hope that in reading my blog, you will laugh, learn, and most importantly, come to realize that you are not the only “adult” who still has to google how to fill out an insurance form, use their fingers to add, or seriously contemplate hibernating from responsibilities every few weeks.

Here’s to messing up, cracking up, and trying to grow up.


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